Welcome to VIT BINH AN UG (h.b.) from Cottbus – Germany


Welcome to Vit Binh An Company’s homepage. Our team prioritizes product quality and food safety on
German standards (HACCP). With only one signature product, the traditional grilled ducks, Vit Binh An
has strongly built its brand on the market over the past 10 years.


Being grilled over the fire and marinated with traditional spices, Vit Binh An’s products offer a uniquely
flavorful taste. Instead of using modern technology to make mass products, our R&D team has
innovated the traditional grilling techniques and developed a chain production for our unique grilled
ducks. Because of our own technique, we have full control over every single product, making sure
ducks are not burnt, dried, unevenly grilled, or undercooked. It is our goal to offer customers the most
flavorful dishes.


Additionally, we offer fast and professional delivery service, which enables us to meet big demand
from wholesale companies, distributors, and prestigious chain restaurants.

This website provides helpful and latest information about Vit Binh An’s unique products.

Vit Binh An team.